About us


This is the homepage of scouts group “Okaskannel”.
Okaskannel is one of the oldest scout groups in Estonia.

At the moment there are 37 members in Okaskannel.

Okaskannel has scout units in Vääna, Tallinn and Tabasalu. The newest cub

scouts group started in Tallinn in September 2013.

Pictures and information about Okaskannel members you can find on the page ‘Liikmed’. Program and events are shown under ‘Uudised’. If you want to learn more about us or maybe come to a camp in Estonia don’t hesitate to contact us on the page ‘Kontakt’.

As we are mainly acting in Estonia we only have translated this one page into English. You are always welcome to contact us for more information!

  This picture, of the historic Belgium
scout group Okaskannel, was sent
to Estonian scouting group
Okaskannel by Heldur
 in 1998.